One of our favorite convenience stores here in Texas is definitely Buc-ee's. It's an institution here, and few things are as much a relief as spotting that big yellow beaver sign when you're on a road trip and need a bathroom break.

Guess who else likes Buc-ee's. It's someone who knows a thing or two about "breaks".


Buc-ee‘s is known in my household as the ultimate magic store because when you go there you literally can find any and everything your little heart desires. That place has some of the most delicious treats you’ve ever had in your life, along with their giant gift shop and freshly made beef jerky every single day.



Buc-ee's is also the perfect place to go to if you’re maybe going out of town and you need to grab a couple of road trip delectables.

It turns out that if you go on the right day, you might even spot Jackass star Steve-O. I know this conversation probably just caught you off guard, but that’s right - I said Steve-O from the hit series and movie Jackass, who was recently filmed enjoying his time at the Bucc-ee's convenience store in Dallas, Texas maybe a little too much.

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Steve-O was spotted in Buc-ee’s giving the crowd exactly what they want. Fully dressed in Buc-ee's attire, Steve-O was spotted standing on top of a food station with a skateboard ready to do ollies for the crowd. The stunt man then took pictures with some of the locals and went on his way.

They never discuss why he was in Dallas, but knowing this insanely notorious prankster, he could be up to anything. So next time you’re headed to Buc-ee's, just know there’s a possibility you could see a celebrity.

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