A San Antonio couple returned home from a cruise to find their credit card had been billed for someone else's funeral in Houston.

A Carnival Cruise ship set sail from Galveston with cardholder Cherie Lindsey and her husband aboard. When they returned home, Cherie got a big surprise from her credit card company.

As the story goes, Cherie was using an ATM on board the ship when her card became stuck inside the machine. She went to get help, and when she returned to the ATM her card was gone.

She kept a careful eye on her billing statement for the rest of their trip. Nothing happened. Once the Lindsey's got off the ship that all changed. She was soon contacted by her credit card company and asked about a $2,235 charge to her card for funeral expenses in the city of Houston.

Carnival says they are looking into the matter according to KHOU. Find the original story here. 

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