There's been a great deal of faux controversy in 2018, but nothing so annoying to radio insiders at the "debate" over whether or not it's acceptable to play 'Baby It's Cold Outside'.

I still maintain it was nothing more than a publicity stunt by the station that claimed to have banned it in the first place (and later lifted the ban they'd imposed upon themselves when listeners flooded them with calls and email).

But a recent survey by reveals that most people hear this voice in their head when someone brings up the BICO issue:

According to their findings, 57% of the general public oppose banning the song, while 22% have better things to do than worry about it all. Only 10% were in favor of the ban.

When it came to gender, 59% of women opposed a ban and 21% have lives and don't care. 12% were in favor. 57% of men were opposed, while 22% had no opinion and 10% were (in my opinion) virtue signaling in favor of the ban.

They even polled based upon party affiliation, and found that 49% of Democrats and 70% of Republicans opposed the ban. 30% of Democrats and 14% of Republicans didn't feel strongly either way.

If anything, the results of the YouGov survey show that more Americans are concerned not so much with which Christmas songs are played as they are with when they're played.

When asked if it was acceptable for stores to begin piping in Christmas music before Halloween, 79% of the general public said no way. 55% said it was even unacceptable to start playing it before Thanksgiving.

Now that's a debate I can understand.

Whether you hate to see the annual commercialization of Christmas begin earlier than absolutely necessary or just want Halloween and Thanksgiving to have their time in the limelight without Christmas butting in to upstage them, I think we can all agree that rolling out the Xmas extravaganza too soon is tacky and annoying.

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