Texas Spy?
A Houston woman detained in China since March of 2015 has been indicted by a Chinese court on charges of spying.
Chinese Theaters Cut Down on Cell Phone Use With Lasers, Shaming
China’s been ahead of the Western curve for some time now. The U.S. economy cowers before the might of Chinese manufacturing prowess, and some of Hollywood’s most popular blockbusters have catered to Eastern tastes. By 2025, we will all have a workable knowledge of Cantonese. But for now, China has made its latest leap forward in the field of etiquette, more specifically movie theater etiquette, and even more specifically, how to deal with a-holes who won’t stop using their cell phones during a movie. Polite whispered requests, chair-nudging, chair-kicking, and in-theater doxxing have all proven ineffective in the continuing war on America’s rudest audience members. China’s contrived a smarter, more futuristic mode of combatting these menaces.
China Elects A New President
With all the hullabaloo surrounding the election of a new Pope, China’s appointment of a new President has taken a backseat in the media. 59-year-old Xi Jinping was officially made head of the largest nation and second largest economy in the world Thursday, taking over for former President Hu Jintao under whom Jingping formerly served as Vice President...

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