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Texas May Cut High School Cosmetology Classes
Have a son or daughter interested in going into Cosmetology?
They may have to wait until after they graduate from high school to take classes for it.
The Texas Tribune reports that the Texas Education Agency proved that courses in barbering, makeup, hairdressing, and skincare lead to students making b…
Principals Can Register Students to Vote
It's not often one hears about a drive to register high school students to vote, in part because most of them are not old enough.  For those who are, the Secretary of State here in Texas says there are options to get them on the voter rolls...
Midway High Receives Social Media Threat, On Lockdown
The Waco Tribune reports that Midway High School is currently undergoing a 'soft lockdown' Wednesday morning due to a social media threat.
Hewitt police have confirmed that the threat was posted on Snapchat and involved a photo of a person holding a gun with the message saying stay away fro…

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