Temple Independent School District is doing their part to help kids prepare for the future by offering several classes that will help kids develop the skills they need to enter the workforce.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are still important, but teaching our kids a skill at the high school level can be just as valuable.  with FOX44news reports that students in the Temple Independent School District are being offered the chance to learn valuable work skills at the high school level.

The Director of Career and Technical Education at Temple High School, Denise Ayres, tells Rivera, “We’re really a true school-to-work focus type of program.”

The Wildcat Workforce works with partners that allow the students to go get actual hands-on experience. Combined with the skills they learn in the classroom, the students will be one step ahead as they enter the workforce following graduation, or even getting some of the qualifications they need as they head to college.

For example, two 16-year-old students earned 9-1-1 dispatcher certification while at Temple High.

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Giving kids options is a great way to motivate and prepare them for the future. It's programs like the Wildcat Workforce that offer them the opportunity to do more for themselves and set goals they can reach before graduation. Having a game plan early will help pave the road for success.

According to the report, over 150 students earned certifications last year. That's over 150 students who are one step closer to entering the workforce with the tools they need to be professional and successful.

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