The small stack of books in the photo above represents a mere fraction of the treasures I've found at used book sales hosted by the Friends of the Temple Public Library over the years. I'd estimate over half of my collection came from these sales.

If you're looking to add to your own collection and broaden your reading horizons, you cannot miss the Mid-Winter Used Book Sale coming to the third floor of the Temple Public Library next week.

Tuesday, February 25 is a members preview day. Memberships will be available at the door.

From February 26 through 29, doors will be open to everyone. There'll even be a 20% teacher's discount on Thursday, February 27.

These sales typically feature around 50,000 books presorted into about 90 categories. Most books are priced at $1-$2, and children's books and media are often cheaper.

Fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, self-help books, educational materials, and more be available.

If, like me, you're lovingly clinging to other physical media, there'll be books on tape, CDs, records, audio and video cassettes, DVDs, magazines, and even games and puzzles for sale as well. I have a chest full of VHS tapes the digital gods will have to pry from my cold, dead, nostalgic fingers. Many of them came from - you guessed it - the used book sale.

The proceeds go to help the Temple Public Library continue to offer literacy programs and events throughout the year. The next big sale will be over Labor Day weekend.

This whole thing is possible because of members and volunteers with the Friends of the Temple Public Library, as well as countless donations of books from the fine people of Central Texas.

If you have old books you'd like to donate so they can make it into the hands of other avid readers, you can leave them with the folks at the library's circulation desk any time they're open.

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