This is why we can't have nice things.

Carl and Carri Gossett tell our partners at News 10 that they spotted a man on their porch on Charter Oak Drive early Saturday morning. In a Facebook post, Carl said if he'd woken up 30 second earlier, he may have used his gun to defend his property. Instead, he got to his door just in time to see the thief tossing the $5,000 motorcycle into the back of a truck and driving off.

"Next time the dogs bark, I need to get up a little quicker," Carl told News 10.

The couple says there have been other recent incidents of homes being stolen from in the area. They've lived on Charter Oak for 12 years and raised a family there, and say they never had any issues with crime until the past few weeks.

"If you want something, Carri told News 10, "go work really hard for it and you can have your own stuff that's fun and to play with."

Agreed, Carri. Agreed.

She seemed more worried about the fact that a man was lurking around their home so early in the morning.

"He was three feet from our window just crouched down on porch right here," she told News 10. "If he had other intentions, I mean, it could have gone south really bad."

Thankfully, it didn't come to that. If you recognize the person in these surveillance stills or have any information that might help police in this case, give Temple PD a call at (254) 298-5500.

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