The Temple Police Department is reviewing the recent arrest of a special needs man to determine if the officer involved followed policy.

Around 7:30 PM Tuesday, January 14, the department received a call about a man - later identified as 30-year-old Sergei Hall - walking in and out of traffic near the intersection of South 31st Street and Southwest HK Dodgen Loop.

The caller said she was exiting Planet Fitness at the Temple Mall when she saw Hall acting erratically and feared for her safety. She told police she was exiting the parking lot when he walked in front of her car and stopped, causing her to slam on her breaks to avoid hitting him.

An officer identified as Jacob Perkins responded to the call and made contact Hall in front of the Temple Mall. Perkins reports that he asked Hall to step away from the roadway and speak with him, after which Hall turned to walk away.

Perkins, fearing Hall might be struck by passing traffic, pulled him away from the road, took him to the ground in a grassy area, and arrested him for evading. Hall was booked into the Bell County Jail.

In a news release issued Wednesday afternoon, TPD spokesman Cody Weems reports that the department has policies in place specifically addressing the way officers should interact with people who have special needs. The department is reviewing Perkins' actions, along with those of other personnel involved in the decision to charge Hall.

Perkins has been with the department since 2019.

Sergei Hall is familiar to people who frequently drive in the area of South 31st and the Temple Mall.

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