Day-to-day operations offered by the City of Temple will be undergoing new preventive measures to protect staff and the public from the transmission of COVID-19.

According to a press release from the City of Temple, the Temple Fire Department, EMS, Police Department, and Municipal court, will all participate in the measures detailed below.

When calling 911, or emergency EMT services, Bell County Services will screen the caller to determine if the patient is at risk of having COVID-19. If Bell County Services determines that COVID-19 may be present, further precautions will follow.

  • Only those qualified to handle the call will be dispatched
  • One member of the emergency crew will enter first to minimize the possibility of transmission
  • The first emergency crew member will deem whether it is appropriate to bring in more responders.
  • Medical control physicians will be consulted if a patient needs transportation
  • Protective measures will be taken if a patient is indeed transported to a medical facility
  • Used equipment will be disinfected

The Temple Police Department has been instructed to routinely sanitize their vehicles and equipment. Temple PD has also been issued masks and gloves to protect themselves when they come in contact with a possible case of COVID-19. Officers previously assigned to schools will now patrol shopping centers and will monitor the area for any potential disturbances.

The Municipal court has cancelled any proceedings this week and encourages those with pending cases to contact the court at 254-298-5687. The municipal court will be accepting appearances through fax at 254-773-4301 or by emailing

Let's flatten the curve!

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