UPDATE 10:26 PM: Police have taken the suspect into custody. Rick Smith called us at 10:21 PM to let us  know the man requested a phone charger. Police met the man to give him the device, at which point they were able to capture him.

No injuries were reported. We are awaiting more information.


UPDATE 9:40 PM: Police were still negotiating with the suspect at 9:40 Wednesday night.  As far as authorities know, no one else is inside the church with the suspect. Police say the man called 911 around 7:30 AM and threatened to harm himself. We are awaiting more information.

UPDATE 8:42 PM: Rick Smith texted me a short time ago to say the man was described as a 30-something while male, around 5'10" tall. The man reportedly mentioned the name Holly and said he planned to end his life. As far as authorities know, no one is inside the sanctuary with the suspect.


A source tells us First United Methodist Church in Downtown Temple was on lockdown after a man barricaded himself in a sanctuary claiming to have a bomb.

KTEM broadcast team member Rick Smith called the studio at 8PM to report that police had surrounded the building and were keeping churchgoers sheltered in place.

We are awaiting more information.

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