On Wednesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law that allows Texans to buy alcohol to-go from restaurants.


According to a report from the Texas Tribune, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 1024 into law on Wednesday, which allows beer, wine and mixed drinks to be purchased for take-out from restaurants.

HB 1024 was originally filed January 7 and quickly advanced through the house and the senate. Now that Governor Abbott has signed the bill, it is immediately law in Texas.

Last year, COVID-19 shuttered many restaurants, and in an effort to help those businesses, alcohol to-go sales were temporarily allowed. Texans loved being able to get drinks from their favorite restaurants while still being safe and social distancing. Things ended up going so well that Texas legislators were urged to make alcohol to-sales permanent.

“Today is a great day for Texas restaurants, as well as for customers,” Abbott stated before signing the bill.

Texans have varying opinions on plenty of subjects, but I can tell you that a majority of Texas adults enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage. Yet, it's still shocking that liquor stores in Texas must remain closed on Sundays. If you're looking to purchase alcohol on a Sunday it can only be sold after 12 noon.

Texas definitely still has some things to work on, but this is a great and very much appreciated step. While alcohol to-go is now legal, that doesn't mean that drinking and driving is too. You cannot open your alcoholic to-go beverage until you have reached your destination and are not operating a motor vehicle.

Stay safe and be merry Texas!

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