Thursday night's storms brought winter weather roaring into Central Texas, and if you haven't been preparing for the temperature drop, you've got some catching up to do.

While you're preparing your home and your wardrobe for the cold weather, don't forget to prepare your vehicle as well. See a mechanic to ensure that your tires and other components are winter ready, and while you're at it, take the opportunity to stock up on items could be time saving or even life saving if you find yourself with a frosted windshield or, Heaven forbid, an emergency situation in the cold.

Ice and Frost Shield | Buy Now

Oh, look. It iced overnight and now your windshield looks like a Dementor breathed on it. Maybe if you'd sprayed a little of this on there the night before you'd be on the road by now.

Prestone, Amazon

Windshield De-icer | Buy Now

If you forgot to spray the night before, we've still got you covered. A few spritzes of this stuff and that ice will practically evaporate. It even has a handy scraper on the top of the can in case there's an extra-thick coat.


Emergency Roadside Toolkit | Buy Now

It rarely snows enough in this neck of the woods to necessitate digging yourself out, but the cold can cause car problems and road hazards that are worth being prepared for. This kit contains jumper cables, a shovel, tools, and more essentials you may find yourself needing if you're stranded on the side of the road on a cold, icy night. The shovel itself is even a multi-tool and turns into a freakin' pickaxe. How awesome is that?


Don't Die in the Woods Emergency Blankets | Buy Now

You'll get four of these survival blankets rolled up into space-saving sacks that come with carabiners. You never know when you may need a carabiner.


299 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit | Buy Now

This one's a no-brainer. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, there's a good likelihood you or someone else will need some first aid. This set contains almost 300 pieces and comes in a soft case, so you can easily store it.

Emergency Preparedness Bug Out Bag | Buy Now

Bug out bags are becoming increasingly popular, and if you plan to make any long trips in the winter cold then you might want to invest in one. This particular kit comes with enough food and water to last someone three days, a hygiene kit, multi-tool, gloves, compass, red emergency flasher, and even a respirator mask.


Zippo Emergency Fire Kit | Buy Now

Need to get a fire started quick? This kit from the experts at Zippo will have you warning yourself and your family in no time while you wait for assistance or make a plan to get back to your own fireplace.