We've heard a lot of stories of "delivery drivers behaving badly" recently and here's the latest one. This is probably why some of our packages are late or going to the wrong address. A few of these delivery drivers are more preoccupied with other shenanigans.

A Texas woman who is now a FORMER Amazon delivery driver was arrested after she was caught on surveillance video stealing a family's dog, then tried to sell it online according to CBS DFW.
According to The Fort Worth Star Telegram, 22 year old Mycah Wade was out delivering packages with her boyfriend in Weatherford on July 5th when she spotted a 2-year-old dachshund that belonged to Anthony and Amanda Phillips in a yard. (The dog reportedly got out when the family opened its door.) Wade is seen on video getting out of the vehicle and picking up the dog and driving off.
Wade asked someone working on landscaping at a nearby house who the dog belonged to, and that person pointed to the Phillips family’s home. Instead of returning the dog, whose name is RJ, the two left with him - Parker County Sheriff's Deputy Danie Huffman via Fort Worth Star Telegram
Investigators would later discover that Wade put the dog up for sale on Craigslist for $100. Police contacted Wade who first denied stealing the dog. She claimed that she saw the dog in the yard and wanted to return him to a shelter, but then agreed to meet up and return to dog on July 9th to the sheriff's office.
Wade turned herself in on July 16th and was charged with theft of property less than $750.

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