An animal service center was spotlighting employees with animals who need to be adopted when one of the employees found viral fame.

Zackry Majewski started with us in October of 2020. He has a great compassion for the animals in our care. He is...

Posted by City of Wichita Falls Animal Services on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A Facebook post from the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services, quickly turned viral, but not because of the cute pup featured in the photo. Instead the photo went viral because of the stunningly handsome Animal Service employee, Zackry Majewski.

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I browsed through the Facebook page, and it appears that the post was just like the others that showed the Wichita Falls Animal Services team. Several photos were uploaded to the page that included a description of the team member and an animal in need of adoption.

Zac spoke with KAUZ-TV, and seems a little overwhelmed by all the attention, but he's being a good sport about it all.

"A lot of people want me to and it’s just not something I like to do but, if it helps animals get adopted, then I will,” Majewski said. “It got Sky adopted in like an hour yesterday and we had over a hundred calls on her so, it was pretty great.”

I'm going to be honest: my jaw literally dropped when I saw his photo. Whew! Those piercing blue eyes got me. Plus, women love a man in uniform! Not to mention those tattoos, the beard, and messy brown hair... AND he loves animals. Wow, some guys really are the whole package.

Don't judge me too harshly, because I'm definitely not alone in my thoughts. After all, his photo did go viral. The post has over 28k comments and 15k shares and counting.

As for the pup featured in the photo? Well, she's found a fur-ever home thanks to the dashing Majewski. There are tons of comments asking if Majewski has a fur-ever home, and plenty of volunteers willing to give him one.

Commenters also have a few good ideas on how to make the most of Zac's newfound fame like:

  • A Zac Calendar
  • A Zac Bachelor Auction
  • A Zac meet and greet

I'm down for any and all of them. Unfortunately, Zac doesn't have a Facebook, but he does have a Snapchat and Instragram. If you're looking to slide in Zac's DM's, good luck because so is the rest of the country.

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