Shooting someone over a haircut you don't like is perfectly reasonable right?

That seems to have been the thinking of a suspect who remained on the run Monday after shooting a barber at a Katy, Texas barbershop Saturday evening.

KPRC-TV reports that the shooting occurred at Magic's Cutts & Fades around 5 PM. The alleged shooter was reportedly unhappy with his 13-year-old son's haircut. Police say the gunman went home after his son received the haircut, returned to the shop a short time later with his son, argued with the barber, then shot the barber three times before fleeing the scene.

That's right - the guy reportedly brought his son along with him, because if you're going to go all wild west on a barber, you might as well pass the idiocy along to the next generation.

How bad could that haircut have been? Was it worth sending a guy to the hospital?

KTRK-TV reports that the barber was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital for treatment. His condition hasn't been made public.

I wonder if the dad realized hair grows back. That's right - if you don't like your haircut, just wait a few weeks and try again. I recently got a haircut that makes me look like a junior high gym coach I didn't like. You don't see me shooting somebody about it.

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