If you're sick of having to get your car inspected at one of those safety stations every year, there's now a glimmer of hope. Texas State Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) has introduced Senate Bill 1588, which would end state inspections for good.

Huffines' office issued a written statement on March 9 that didn't hold anything back. Huffines' called the inspection a tax, and said it's "one of the most burdensome & unnecessary requirements of state government".

"This is perhaps the most onerous and needless mandate that state government imposes on its citizens", the statement read. "With nearly 20 million inspections done annually, most Texans will feel immediate relief with the elimination of this program. It's a joyous day in the Capitol when we have the opportunity to help millions of hard-working Texans by getting a worthless mandate off of their backs."

He sounds a lot like Ron Swanson there, doesn't he?

Huffines argues that today's vehicles are far better designed than when Texas began requiring inspections in 1951. He estimated that eliminating safety inspections would amount to a savings of $150 million for citizens annually, as well as save around 9 million hours lost to waiting around for the inspection.

"State government is wasting Texans' time & money on the annual chore of passenger inspections when 34 other states, including populous states like California, don't require it of their drivers," Huffines said. "Once you realize that these inspections aren't about safety, it's clear that they're simply a tax on Texans' time and money."

Huffines' bill would call for hiring and training troopers to spot cars operating unsafely. I have my reservations about that, but we'll see.

If you want to show your support for ending annual car inspections in Texas, Huffines has set up a site where you can do just that.

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