With the Blue Bell ice cream licker saga continuing, it's easy to be cynical and believe every young kid is a lost cause. It's kids like Josh Brown who prove that's definitely not the case.

WFAA-TV reports that the 11-year-old was near the front of Arlington's 4th of July parade when a member of the police honor guard noticed his colleague's shoe was untied. Officer Jerrick Wilson was holding the American flag, and you don't just foist that on someone because your laces came loose. Carrying that flag's an honor not to be taken lightly.

Jerrick's fellow officer spotted Joshua and asked if he'd be so kind as to help Officer Jerrick out, so Joshua ran out and did just that.

KPRCT-TV reports that the moment was captured in a photo by Wendy Collins Smith, who shared the snapshot with Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson. Smith and Johnson both shared the photo on social media, and Johnson invited Joshua to stop by police HQ to be awarded a Chief Challenge coin.

Joshua was clearly raised right, which may have something to do with the fact that he's the grandson of a pastor.

Great work, Joshua! Way to show people that it's not all Blue Bell lickers and Tide pod eaters out there.

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