A car dealer in San Antonio is accused of chasing a man who bought a car with a bogus check and gunning him down in a crowded drive through.

Joseph Anthony Ralmuto, 43, reportedly bought a car from San Antonio car dealer Munir Ayyoub Ammari, 57, using a fraudulent check.

Police say Ammari was in the process of reporting the bad check when Ralmuto drove by the dealership in the ill-gotten vehicle.

Ammari and his son allegedly chased Ralmuto in another car before they both stopped in a restaurant parking lot. There, police say, Ammari pulled a gun and fatally shot Ralmuto.

Ammari was charged with First Degree Murder and booked into the Bexar County Jail Wednesday. He bonded out of jail Thursday.

Police say Ammari's son will not face charges at this time.