Two children found chained in the backyard of a home two years ago finally have their happy ending!

Back in April of 2016, Bexar County deputies responded to a report of a child crying non-stop in a home. When they arrived, they found six children aged 10 to 13 alone the home, but it was what they found out back that was horrific and tragic.

Then 2-year-old Josiah was found chained by the ankle in the filthy backyard, and 3-year-old Naomi were found tethered to a door with a dog leash around her hands. Naomi was the child heard crying, and KENS-TV reports she was being attacked by ants when authorities found her. Josiah was barely moving when found, and authorities feared the worst.

The parents of the six children inside the home returned as police were combing the scene and were arrested and charged. The mother, Porucha Phillips, was sentenced to 50 years in prison, while her husband, Deandre Dorch, was sentenced to 65 years in prison last year.

Josiah and Naomi's mom abandoned them to go to California. KENS reports she's currently waiting trial.

Things were looking grim, but two years later, Josiah and Naomi have officially been adopted by the foster parents who've cared for them since their rescue. Everything was finalized Thursday afternoon, and adoptive mom LaKenya and Allen, are now the proud parents of two awesome kids who've overcome a lot.

While it's disgusting and horrific that those children had to endure so much suffering in the first place, it's fantastic to see them taken into a stable, loving home and having a shot at a bright future!

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