A strip club in Houston found the perfect loophole to provide dinner and a show to patrons.

According to a report from KHOU 11, Club Onyx, a gentleman's club in Houston, attempted to re-open its doors late Thursday evening, but were shut down about an hour later by the Houston Police Department and Fire Marshall.

No lap dances are being given to customers, and all employees are wearing a mask and maintaining a safe social distance from others. The club is classified as a restaurant and bar and the owner, Eric Langan believes his business should be allowed to open under Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order that allows restaurants to resume business at 25 percent capacity.

A federal judge agreed, and has granted Club Onyx a temporary restraining order from local law enforcement and the fire department. The new restraining order protects employees from being arrested for working, and law enforcement cannot stay on the property for more than 30 minutes unless they are investigating a crime.

The order states that city officials violated Club Onyx's, "civil rights by intimidating its patrons and employees, by shutting down the business without legal basis, and by threatening its representatives with arrest unlawfully and without authority."

The Houston Mayor Slyvestor Turner does not seem to be happy about the re-opening. "Before the pandemic, Club Onyx primarily operated and categorized itself as a sexually oriented business," Turner stated to KHOU 11. "But now it claims to be a restaurant."

The temporary restraining order has been granted until a court hearing May 8.

Do you think it's fair for Club Onyx to re-open?

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