I can't imagine how terrified this young woman must have been.

A Texas college student who was working her way through school by dog-walking got two new clients last month that changed her life forever, and almost ended it.

Right before Christmas, Jacqueline Claire Durand of Coppell, Texas lost both ears and most of her face below her eyes when she was brutally attacked by two dogs she was supposed to be walking.

The Attack Came Without Warning

According to NBC news, the day before her 22nd birthday Durand arrived at the home of 'Lucy', a German shepherd mix-breed, and 'Bender', a mixed-breed pit bull, two dogs she was scheduled to take for a walk.

The animals were not in their kennels, and violently attacked her as she walked into the house.

Durand, an experienced dog-walker and dog-sitter, is suing the owners of the dogs for negligence.

A judge ordered Lucy and Bender to be euthanized, but as of right now, that order is under appeal.

What Triggered The Dogs?

Durand had talked to one of the owners by phone, and been around the animals once before with no incident prior to the mauling.

LawandCrime.com reports that the Bishops had a sign on their front porch with the following message:

“Crazy Dogs. Please Don’t Knock or Ring the Bell. Call or Text Instead. Please leave packages by the door.”

The Bishops were aware their pets had violent tendencies according to the lawsuit, and also knew their dogs were aggressive towards people who approached the front door.

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The Lawsuit

Durand is seeking over $1 million in damages to cover physical and mental pain, loss of earning capacity, disfigurement, medical care expenses, and other issues.

The lawsuit states that the attack was "so violent and bloodthirsty that the dogs pulled all of Jacqueline’s clothes off, including her blue jeans.”

Since the attack, Durand has undergone multiple surgeries and is still in the hospital.

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