All couples argue, but is it ever worth losing your life and risking others in the process?

KTRK-TV reports that a Houston couple got into a fight at a sports bar early Monday morning, which eventually escalated into the two chasing each other on a freeway. By the time it was over, a man was dead.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the fight began around 1 AM. The pair left in separate vehicles. As they were leaving, the woman reportedly clipped the open door of her boyfriend's truck.

The man then chased the woman along a feeder road of the Gulf Freeway in southeast Houston until the woman pulled over and the two argued in the street, blocking traffic.

The two then drove away again, after which the man reportedly sideswiped the woman's car, causing him to lose control of his truck and crash.

The truck rolled and the 31-year-old man was ejected from the vehicle. He died at the scene.

As tragic as it is to see a man having died in a heated rage over something that was probably trivial, it's fortunate that neither person harmed anyone else while handling their personal business (very poorly) out on the road.


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