Those scores you give on Yelp are taken seriously. At least a Texas Deli has to take them seriously, since those scores have made them the best restaurant in the country.

Tony’s Italian Delicatessen in Montgomery Texas is this years winner of Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat for 2017.

The great thing about Yelp is that tiny restaurants can compete with the big dogs because it's the food that counts. Serve a good meal and people will come. Serve a crap meal that looks great and you'll be closed licky-split, as right you should be.

Tony's is in a strip mall next to a dry cleaner, but you won't find a better place to eat anywhere in the country, according to everyone on Yelp.

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2016 was all about the 5-star rating. 96 out of the 100 businesses on the list could boast about 5-star perfection. And most of the gems were offering a meal for $10 or under.

The Minnelli - Gene C. via Yelp

This looks like the way a deli should be - more beef blasting out of the bread than should be allowed by law.