It's Pride Month in Texas and across the US, and our more conservative legislators are not exactly ecstatic about the situation.

Pride Month represents the struggles of LGBTQ+ people past and present, as well as recognition of their human rights and dignity. It's also a month in which many people express themselves through drag, but that doesn't sit well with some folks. Now one Texas lawmaker wants to make it illegal for minors to attend drag shows.


Texas Representative Brian Slayton plans to introduce legislation during next year's session that would ban minors across the state from attending drag shows.

According to a report from NBC News, Slayton claims children at a drag event in Dallas were encouraged to engage in inappropriate behavior, which is why he feels compelled to push for this legislation.

It is currently unclear what enforcement would include or what the exact language proposal would be.

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I’ve noticed a lot of Texans are on the fence when it comes to this particular law being passed. Gauging by the intense debates I saw happening in private social media groups after this story broke, some parents believe that there's no harm in children attending drag events that are free from burlesque and other adult elements, while others feel that any sort of drag show would just expose children to harmful content.


Personally, I am a big believer in love is love people are people. If you do not want your children to witness family friendly drag shows, just do not attend them.

I'm not keen on any lawmaker telling me they're a better judge than I of what sort of events are appropriate for my family. Aren't their more pressing matters to be considering during the legislative session?



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