UPDATE: I have been made aware that another awesome Texan is a part of this National Mullet Championship. Chaz Taylor is also competing and is a wrestler as well. He actually has some stuff donated to the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in downtown Wichita Falls. You can check out Chaz below.

Now back to my original story:

I normally say Texas man, but dude felt 100% more appropriate.

The iconic business in the front, part in the back look has been a controversial haircut for decades. Let's just say, some pull it off better than others. I learned today that there is a national contest going on for the best mullet and one of our fellow Texans is in the running. Fernando Rios out of Tyler has his mullet he calls the Texas Tailgate.

He started growing it out about two years ago after cutting his hair off to donate to Locks of Love (very cool move in my book). Pretty soon Locks of Love could be getting national winning hair. Voting is open until August 29th if you want to help Fernando take home the championship.

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First place gets $2,500, a trophy, and some free gear. I wish the best to Fernando which you can see above, however. This dude I am about to put below may take this whole thing.

Does that guy have the number 3 dyed into his head? You know damn well that is for Dale Earnhardt. I cannot literally think of a more white trash mullet than one in honor of Dale Earnhardt. Hats off to you sir and I feel like you wake up in the morning pissing red, white, and blue.

I don't think I could ever pull off a mullet, but for $2,500 I sure as hell would rock one.

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