30-year-old Blake Foxworth is being charged with murder. Originally the charge was set for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but his victim died just a day later in the hospital as he was recovering from his injuries, it was upgraded the charge to murder.

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The Victim:

The victim was 53-year-old George Foxworth, known to friends as 'Squeaky' and known as 'Dad' to the assailant himself. According to an update from the Nacogdoches Sherrif Office, Blake and George got into an argument and spiraled into something more lethal.

There are no official details about what caused the argument but close friends and family posted about the incident. Tater Weeks made the remark on social media saying, "There were problems there. Nobody knows but them and no one can answer what happen but them."

Gruesome Details

The argument escalated into a physical fight, that's when Blake stabbed his father multiple times and proceeded to slash his throat. After this gruesome attack, Black called 9-1-1 and requested help.

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Arriving at the Scene

Deputies arrived on the scene and discovered George laying on a couch covered in blood. They immediately began life-saving measures on George, who was unconscious, until EMS arrived.

Because of the seriousness of his injuries, a helicopter was called and George was flown to Tyler Hospital. Details on a GoFundMe account for George, his injuries led him to the Operating Room where he underwent several hours of brain surgery.

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Fighting For His Life

Ultimately George succumbed to his injuries Friday afternoon, according to the Nacogdoches Sheriff Office. The news broke out and Blake's assault on a family member with a deadly weapon charge was upgraded to a first-degree felony murder charge. He is now sitting in jail with a million-dollar bond set.

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