Move over, King -- the true king of Texas hamburgers is clearly Whataburger.

This survey and clickable map got some Reddit posters commenting, too. Yes, the survey got a lot right!

Whataburger's Original Whataburger was named the most popular hamburger in all of Texas. It also earned the accolade in the neighboring states of Louisiana and Oklahoma.

There's just something about Whataburger -- maybe the spicy ketchup and mustard -- that helps this Texas-founded franchise take the lead.

I've spent considerable time in both Nevada and California, and can tell you that there is a lot to love about In-N-Out; the simplicity of the menu and freshness of the food to name a few.

However, as pointed out by comments, I don't think Illinois or Hawaii even have an In-N-Out. Perhaps folks who have re-located to those states participated in the survey and still remember In-N-Out as their favorite.

Looking at the map further, it's clear that Five Guys is on a winning quest to take over North America as the favorite hamburger chain.

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