We've all heard some pretty messed up stories about fathers having to pay child support but this one takes the cake. A man from Tyler, Texas has been paying child support to a woman in New Jersey for a child that's not his just because he has a similar name to the real father.

According to Fox News Latino, Abisai MORENO Iglesias was getting his paychecks garnished because his name was attached to the child support case in New Jersey for Abisai IGLESIAS VELASQUEZ, the father of a 9-year old girl.

Iglesias had thousands of dollars garnished by the state of New Jersey even though he claims that he's never even been to New Jersey besides the other fact that he's never met the mother. Luckily, after some help and investigative reporting from the good folks at "Chasing News" he has since been refunded the money that was garnished and he's been permanently removed from the child support system in New Jersey.