The heat makes us all a little crazy, but some people just don't know how to handle themselves.

Take, for instance, 19-year-old Tyrese Garner of Lubbock. KSAZ-TV reports that Garner may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he barreled through a TSA security checkpoint at Sky Harbor International Airport and started throwing punches at the staff.

In surveillance footage captured Tuesday, Garner is seen punching a female TSA agent in the head, knocking her to the floor as he runs through a metal detector. He then plows into more agents and strikes two more agents before being tackled to the ground.

The incident remained under investigation Friday, and it's unclear why Garner went off on a rampage. (My theory is that it's too damned hot in Phoenix and he was way too eager to get on a flight to Alaska.)

FOX News and the Associated Press report that Garner has been charged with suspicion of felony criminal trespassing, felony resisting arrest, and five counts of misdemeanor assault. Five TSA agents were treated for injuries and released.

Stay cool out there, everyone.

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