A mother from Granger says a man her daughter may have met in an online roleplaying game has sent lewd photos of himself via Snapchat.

Jen Meyer recently shared two of the images to Facebook - one of which she says she had to crop to remove the man's penis. The photos were reportedly sent to her 13-year-old daughter.

"This "man" who is clearly not a teenager sent these photos (one that I cropped his exposed penis out of) to our THIRTEEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER," Meyer wrote. "He did this over SnapChat using the name "big ones."

"We think he may have met her on an online role-playing game by the name of PIMD. If your child plays games like this, please monitor their interactions carefully. I thought we were being very careful, but apparently not enough."

Mayer has asked that anyone who recognizes the man contact the Bell County Sheriff's Office at (254) 933-5435 or message her on Facebook.

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