Some people just make you smile.

This video taken from a Facebook live stream posted by Candace Payne was the definition of what is trending on the Internet. In almost 24 hours, this Texas mother picked up 50 million views and over 650,000 reactions! Sure, some videos can get high and mighty about their message, but in this case, it's about a mom - nerdy, yes - who genuinely expresses her joy as she shows what her new "toy" can do.

I don't want to give it away but there's a pretty obvious hint if you catch a glimpse of her Death Star T-shirt.

She couldn't wait to get her new purchase out of the box. When she does, hilarity ensues and you just can't help but appreciate the little things in life.

We should all take a page out of her book (video) appropriately titled, "It's the simple joys in life...".

If you're short on time, the best part is just after the 2:20 mark. And don't worry. Though she says this is her toy, she promises that her kids get to play with it - just as long as it makes it back to her room when they're done.


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