Desoto, Texas mother Ayanna Smith is looking for some retribution after discovering her 5-year-old son was paddled by her teacher at The Meadows Elementary School, located south of Dallas.

Her son, Jalijah, was disciplined for allegedly sticking his tongue out at the teacher - though the 5-year-old denies it to be so and has been home schooled for a week since the incident. According to his mother, Jalijah is a good student and stays out of trouble.

She told PEOPLE:

He used to like to go to school. His spirit is broken. I mean, he’s a 5-year-old; he's not normally a bad kid and he doesn't get into trouble. He doesn't do things out of the ordinary. He's a good student.

Smith stated she wanted the unidentified teacher fired at first, but would now settle for an apology to her son - something the school district hasn't responded to.

Desoto is one of the few school districts in Texas that still permits corporal punishment, however parents must give written consent before such disciplinary actions are used. Smith also told PEOPLE she filled out forms during her son's initial enrollment objecting the use of this sort of punishment on her boy.