Citizen's arrest! Just kidding. Further more, it is not recommended you try to pull over a police officer. Here's the story of a Texas photographer who did just that. Phillip Turner of Austin works for a website that travels around Central Texas to capture footage of police activity. The video above is his story of what happened when he attempted to pull over a state trooper for speeding.

This incident happened days ago between Jarrell and Belton along I-35. Turner said that the trooper's vehicle was moving so fast it caused his car to shake as the SUV flew by him. He decided to follow the trooper just in case something was going on up ahead. Phillip said he was having trouble keeping up as the trooper traveled at around 90 miles-per-hour down the interstate.

Eventually the trooper came to a spot with vehicles in all three lanes and no way to pass them. Turner used the opportunity to flash his lights and honk his horn to get the troopers attention.

As you can see in the video, the trooper apologizes for speeding. While he says he doesn't have his badge on him, he remains polite and patient with Turner the whole time.

Do you think Turner should have stopped the trooper? More details on Turner's traffic stop can be found here.

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