The Associated Press reported that a Houston police chief says he set a new personal record when he handed out a ticket this past Friday.

Police Chief Art Acevado of the Houston Police Department told the Houston Chronicle, "The Dodge Viper almost took my doors off as Acevedo was driving on a highway Friday.

Chief Acevado sped after the Dodge Viper in his police SUV topping out around 120 miles per hour to get the driver of the Viper to stop. The speed limit on the highway was 65 miles per hour, and the driver was traveling 140 miles per hour.

Acevado said on Twitter, "I could have arrested the driver, but because of the totality of the circumstances, including flow of traffic, etc., decided to just write him a ticket."

The fine the driver has to pay is $304, and Acevado said his previous record high for a ticket was 130 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour zone.

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