We've all heard stories of someone putting something on their personal Facebook page that ended up getting them fired. Now a Texas police officer is under fire for talking to illegal immigrants via a Facebook video.

According to FoxNews.com, Fort Worth Police Officer Daniel Segura posted a video last Wednesday hoping to calm fears in the Fort Worth Hispanic community about President Trump's executive orders.

Calma amigos!

Posted by Daniel Segura on Wednesday, February 1, 2017



He claimed that his fellow police officers "don't care" about a person's immigration status and that they have the "same rights as anyone else who lives in Fort Worth". Speaking in Spanish, he said that they would be protected and defended.

It seems it was the talk about the lack of enforcement of federal immigration laws that's gotten him in the most hot water.

KDFW-TV reported that the Fort Worth Police department released a statement saying that it did enforce all laws, local and federal, to protect all citizens, and that Fort Worth was NOT a sanctuary city.

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