It's no secret to us that Texans are hard working people who don't take enough time off, but I'm surprised we came in 4th.

WalletHub compiled a list of the hardest working states in the U.S., and ranked Texas #4 after North Dakota, Alaska, and South Dakota.

Their findings were based on stats including workweek hours, employment rates, leisure time, and even volunteer rates and "idle youth" rates. (Dang kids always loiterin'!)

20th Century Fox/
20th Century Fox/

West Virginia was last on the list. (Maybe they're working smarter, not harder?)

The folks at WalletHub report that 54% of Americans don't use all their available vacation time. I know I don't. There's too much to be done, and taking even a day off means having twice as much work to make up for when I get back. I've found that most people in radio hate taking time off, and our HR manager has to go around the office in the fourth quarter and start demanding people put in for PTO.

In a way I'm proud we're ranked so highly, but are we all working too hard? Maybe my HR manager is right and it's time to start relaxing more.

Ah, wait. I just got an email about a new project. Nevermind!

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