We have seen the other side of this story the past few months. People refusing to wear masks and getting kicked out of establishments. This time a couple was kicked out for wearing a mask.

Over in Rowlett, Texas a restaurant owner is defending his decision to kick out a couple who came in wearing masks. The parents said they have an immunocompromised son at home, but wanted to get out of the house for a few hours for a date night. They masked up out of protection for their four-year-old.

Before they were served drinks or food, their waitress came by and told them, ‘So, our manager sent us over because I am nicer than he is and yes, this is very political, but you need to take your mask off.' The couple left because they didn't feel comfortable dining there any longer.

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“I’ve spent my money on this business, I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears in this business and I don’t wany any masks in here,” the owner, identified only as Tom, told the station. The owner says the hostess asked them to take them off before they sat down, which is why they were refused service. No sign is posted at the restaurant, but the hostess informs all guests that no masks are allowed inside.

The owner said he was unaware that the face coverings were to protect the couple’s immunocompromised son, but insisted the rules applied to all customers and will continue to be enforced, KTVT reported.

I am one of those people that believes a restaurant can enforce whatever policy they want when it comes to a mask. If you want people to wear masks, fine, if you don't want people, also fine. Just be aware, either way, you're going to upset some people.

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