Who's seen the giant outline of the state of Texas along I-20 in southwest Dallas? Lot's of folks! Many have even stopped to have their picture taken in front it. Sadly that all ends today as the landmark is being removed by the Texas Department of Transportation over safety concerns.

NBCDFW reports that TxDot says so many people have pulled over in front of the icon that it's almost become a tourist attraction. Trouble is there could not be more signs posted saying you can not do that. The landmark is actually on the I-20 median between the divided highway. When a vehicle stops for a photo, they have a very bumpy and uncontrolled re-entry to I-20. TxDot says the situation has become dangerous and that's why the giant Texas has to go.

The Texas landmark was built and donated by a group of local boy scouts in 2010. Many residents in the area asked that the site be turned into a rest stop for visitors, but Department of Transportation says they will not build rest areas with center lane access due to safety issues.