The management at a College Station tanning salon have apologized for posting an employee's personal details on Facebook in retaliation for her missing a day at work, but some aren't happy with the apology or the actions that prompted it.

Our news partners at Channel 10 shared the story from KBTX, which reported that Tiki Tan in College Station recently posted an employee's name and cell phone number on Facebook and urged customers to call her and "express [their] frustration and irritation for her lack of professionalism and inconvenience to you."

The post, which has been deleted, prompted outrage from people who said sharing the employee's information with the public in such a way was unprofessional and dangerous.

The salon issued an apology on Facebook Friday. We are unable to embed the statement here, but you can click this link to view it. Judging by the comments, many aren't pleased with the apology.

"While it is regrettable as to the heated manner in which staff issues were handled by management," the statement reads, "TIKI TAN holds high standards for customer care, accountability and obligation for both staff and management. Both sides are at fault in the events that occurred yesterday that resulted in the store closure during the period she would have worked that day."

KBTX spoke with Mike Shaub with the Mays Business School at Texas A&M, who said there could be legal repercussions for sharing an employee's details in such a way.

"This would be something that might end up involving an attorney at some point to see if the doxing was intended to harass or to seek revenge against someone," Shaub told KBTX. "You can’t just ignore the duty you have to protect the privacy of employees just because they frustrated you."

Shaub expressed the personal belief that potentially endangering the employee because she felt short of company standards was patently unfair.

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