A former teacher in the Aldine ISD was sentenced to 10 years in prison for having an affair with a 13-year-old student, and arrangement which was approved by his parents. They had sex almost daily.

Alexandria Vera was 25 when the affair began and later became pregnant by her thirteen year-old student. She asserted the boy's parents condoned the relationship.

As reported in the Chronicle, the judge in the case acknowledged she was not a danger to other children and not a pedophile in the classic sense.  Nevertheless, the judge sentenced her to 10 years because he felt he had to "send a message."

Wait a minute: is that slightly hypocritical? He acknowledges something but goes the opposite way with his sentence. This is part of that same "get tough on crime " ethic  which sends promising young people to jail for nonviolent offenses. I've never been a fan of toughness for its own sake.

Now I'm not saying she shouldn't face the music; this sort of thing ultimately is sick. You can't tell me there aren't enough potential adult suitors of quality because I am one of them. So stay away from the kinder.

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