This is Alison Appleby - Miss Dallas Teen USA, 2022. She is 17 years old and already beat incredible odds. At the age of 15, Appleby was diagnosed with epilepsy, which is a brain disorder that causes recurring and unprovoked seizures.

Competing for a crown is something that is daunting to even the MOST confident. You throw yourself into a group for the outcome to be based off of judgments. This was only the first pageant that Alison Appleby ever competed in... and she was out to prove herself.

But she wasn't about to be out there alone.

See... there is this very special golden retriever in her life. His name is Brady and he alerts Alison to an upcoming seizure, and is currently in training to fetch medicine for her when necessary. He is a service dog.

But now?? Brady is a ROYAL service dog. Crown and all.

On October 9th, Brady was crowned alongside the new Miss Dallas Teen, Alison Appleby.

Miss Dallas USA
Miss Dallas USA

"I was still terrified the whole time … but having Brady by my side made it so much easier," she told Fox News. "He is my support through it all."

Next up for Alison is in May when she competes in Miss Texas Teen USA. The pageant will take place in Houston and will only be her second. No word yet on how the accommodations will look for her dog, but certainly Brady will be by her side again. And might even leave with a new title.



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