In yet another example of bureaucracy run amok, a 95-year-old World War II veteran has been told he can't renew his drivers license because he can't provide a birth certificate.

WFAA-TV reports that Albert Bigler was born in a house west of Fort Worth in 1924 in an area that's now divided between several counties - none of which have his birth certificate on file. Neither does the Vital Statistics Office in Austin.

Bigler was able to provide records of his baptism and confirmation, as well as his service in the Army during WWII, but that apparently won't cut it at the Department of Public Safety office in Corsicana.

Bigler says he's been driving for 65+ years, and even held a commercial license for the 40 years he spent working for a railroad company. Renewing his license is important to him because he often drives to church to volunteer his time.

I know there are rules in place for a reason, but this is a situation in which I think the state can make some sort of exception or at least do a little more to help. Bigler didn't choose to be born in a nebulous zone with lousy record keeping, and I personally wouldn't want to be the DPS clerk who told a member of the Greatest Generation to show me a certificate or walk.

My postal worker recently handed me an envelope informing me I'd need to renew my license soon so I can have one of those pretty gold stars. I plan on taking my birth certificate, my passport, my social security and library cards, my mother, the doctor who delivered me, the nurse on duty, the mom who gave birth in the room next door...

Gee, I hope I don't forget anything and have to go back to the end of the line.

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