Belton's 4th of July parade was another stunning success this year thanks to the hard work and planning of the Belton Chamber of Commerce, as well as City employees and sponsors. However, there's one important group we don't want to forget to thank: the volunteers who kept the parade moving smoothly and protected both the people on the floats and the audience.

Photo: Eric Coley, Townsquare Media
Photo: Eric Coley, Townsquare Media

Eric Coley and I were fortunate enough to be assigned the task of gathering photos and video at the parade. It was a special treat for me, as I've been back in the studio working every 4th of July since 2005. This was my first Belton parade, and it was every bit as impressive as I'd been told throughout the years.

The folks at the Belton Chamber were kind enough to let us cool off and rest in their visitor's center after the parade, and while we were lounging around and enjoying free refreshments, patting ourselves on the back for our work, we listened to stories from several volunteers who came in to get a bite to eat and cool off before going back to work to clean up and make sure the streets looked as if nothing ever happened.

It was fascinating to hear some of the behind-the-scenes craziness that goes on with the parade. You had people jumping off moving floats to snap pictures or get video, horses falling over, vehicles in the parade getting a little carried away - so much chaos for the people in the yellow shirts to reign in and make sure everyone had a great time without anyone being hurt or the parade turning into a big pileup.

We didn't catch your names, but you were kind enough to take time from your busy day to let us snap a photo. For that and all you did to keep the parade moving and make sure we all had a great, safe time, we thank you!

We'd also like to thank volunteers at all this year's Central Texas 4th of July events for working hard on a holiday so the rest of us could enjoy.


If you missed the parade or just want to relive some memories, you can watch it in its entirety from our spot on Central Avenue in the video below.


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