There is nothing like a good 'challenge' video to really make you feel alive. Try to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon? What a great idea! 100 layers of fake nails? So cool! Ghost Pepper eating challenge? Fun for the whole family! Usually challenge videos have an element of danger to them and a lot of the times people end up dying because of them, we're looking at you Tide Pod challenge.

The latest 'challenge' video that all the cool kids are doing is the milk crate challenge. People set up a stack of ascending and descending milk crates with no support and try to walk over them without falling. You can check out the El Paso version of the milk crate challenge here.

As you can see the challenge is almost virtually impossible to pull off and once you mess it up chances are you are going to fall on top of some very hard plastic milk crates and get pretty banged up. You might only have to deal with a couple of bruises and an injured ego, but the place the challenge first showed up, TikTok, has now started taking down milk crate challenge videos because of serious injuries.

TikTok officials and other health officials say they're getting reports of serious injuries from people who have taken the 'challenge' and say that the country is already busy enough dealing with COVID and asked that you stay off the dang milk crates already. Even the FDA is getting into the act and suggesting what they think you should do with the milk crates. Enough with the challenges.

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