Have you been trying to post to Facebook or Instagram today with no success?

20th Century Fox, Morbotron

The good news: It's not just you.

The bad news (depending on how you look at it, anyway): Reports are coming in from around the world that the great Zuckerberg machine is getting suckerberged into a blackhole.

I've tried posting to our official Facebook page and my private page, and all I have to show for it is this error message.

Interestingly, I can comment on other people's posts if I use a private VPN to change my IP address to one from another country, but that still doesn't allow me to create posts.

Maybe today should be labeled "Take a Break from Social Media Day". Just watch happiness and healthy, real-world social interaction skyrocket as people are forced to talk to one-another instead of sharing sarcastic memes to their newsfeed all day.

20th Century Fox, Frinkiac

If you're a Facebook addict on the edge of your seat and you want to drive yourself insane, check out the outage map at downdetector.com.

But if you're that worried about it, I recommend getting outside and enjoying this nice day we're having. The sun's out, the breeze is cool, and the grass smells great.

Go to Miller Park in Temple and feed the ducks. It's a nice time.

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