Sports without fans in the stands, sound familiar? If you've watched any sports at all in 2020 you know how weird that is. Looks like we'll be seeing more of that at this years Olympics in Tokyo.

Okay, a show of hands, who will be watching The Summer Olympics in Tokyo? I know the opening ceremonies are always a must see event but when it comes down to the actual games, will you be watching?

I like the track and field events and of course watching America go for the gold in basketball will also be fun but how much of the games do people really watch, or even care about?

COVID has certainly changed the landscape of the Olympic Games as well. Of course these were suppose to be the 2020 Olympic Games but they were moved to 2021 because of the pandemic, now, Tokyo is moving forward with the games but fans will not be allowed to attend.

According to Reuters, new cases of COVID-19 have spiked in Tokyo with over 900 reported on Wednesday, the highest daily number since May. That ‘s why a new state of emergency for Japan goes into effect and will lasts through August 22.

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Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto said, “It is regrettable that we are delivering the Games in a very limited format, facing the spread of coronavirus infections, I am sorry to those who purchased tickets and everyone in local areas.”

Tokyo is seeing the spread of the highly infectious Delta COVID-19 variant so the move is meant to keep the games going but without risking the health of the spectators.

All the major sports in America were able to take place in 2020 but with no fans in the stands and I saw plenty of Soccer games being played across Europe with no fans as well. It was strange at first but you hardly notice after a while.

The Tokyo Olympic Games are scheduled to run from July 23 to Aug. 8.

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