According to a “Texas” map on the internet these days, my history has been changed a little.

Via Reddit

According to the map “The United States-as seen through the eyes of Texas”, it seems my birth state is no longer Washington, but instead "Wash Out".

I was not raised in North Dakota, but NODA, just above SODA, and just east of WHY. I guess that’s better than being raised in Damn Yankee Land, or Aligators’ Paradise, or even Hill Billy Terror-Tory.

It also seems that hurricanes now come from the Texas Ocean. Or, if you live on the east coast, Eisenhower’s Lake. And illegals come from Taxevader Haven.

Are we sure Pot is not legal in Texas?

If anything, this is a hilarious depiction of how Texans view the rest of the country. Probably not true, but maybe a little?