Let's be honest: You can't mention Texas without someone thinking of BBQ. Yeah, we've got horses and the Cowboys, but you can't possibly not go immediately to Texas BBQ - one of the best types of barbecue in the world.

Maybe I'm being biased because I'm a Texas native, but you know what, it's my article and I'll do what I want!

Barbecuing in Texas is like a rite of passage. I'm not even trying to be funny for the sake of this article. I can’t remember any videos of me learning how to walk, but I can show you tons of pictures of me with ribs and barbecue sauce all over my face.  Now, with great barbecue comes great grill mastering, and here are some grill masters in Killeen who are getting the attention of Central Texas with their grilling skills.


J Scott or JR Scott went from amazing rapper to amazing grill master.

I remember watching JScott make certain meals and post them on Facebook, and you can practically smell each meal through the phone! I would say to myself, "This man needs and deserves his own restaurant". well I guess great minds think alike, because the owner and operator of Just Cooking BBQ and More, Mr. J Scott, is making some of the most phenomenal meals you’ve ever tasted.

His fish is always super golden and crisp, his famous Mississippi pot roast is always a crowd pleaser, and let’s not forget about barbecue!

This man makes ribs that literally slide off the bone. His food is absolutely delicious, and if you haven’t tried it you are for sure missing out.

You can find this amazing establishment located at 129 W. Veterans Memorial Blvd. in Harker Heights.  I can say from experience that this man has earned his right to be called not only a grill master, but an amazing chef. The city of Killeen and all of Central Texas couldn’t be more proud!

Courtesy of J Scott
Courtesy of J Scott
Courtesy of J Scot
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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Shawn Hunter’s love of food developed there as well. She began her 20-year career in the food industry at 23 years old.
Working at various restaurants and hospitals, she was able to fine-tune her culinary skills. She always found joy in seeing people enjoy her tasty dishes. As she progressed in her profession, she realized her true passion was to establish a business of her own.
Shawn began her labor of love, Shawn’s Pit Stop, in 2019. What started as a weekend food truck service has blossomed into a staple in the Killeen community. Everyone raves about how delicious the food is! She hopes to continue to grow and fill up everyone’s bellies with flavorful barbecue!
Courtesy of Shawn Hunter
Courtesy of Shawn Hunter
Courtesy of Shawn Hunter
Courtesy of Shawn Hunter


When I first told Fabian Jasper that I was doing an article about the grill masters of Central Texas, he made it very clear to me that he didn’t want to necessarily have his picture on the page. He wanted his food to speak for itself. Well, I can tell you that the food he prepares with his brother for sure speaks for itself.

Michael Thomas and Fabian Jasper are natives of Killeen who started their business in 2020, and people can’t get enough of their food! Pull Up -N- Eat is located in Harker Heights at 807 S. and Boulevard. I hear people constantly talk about their barbecue, especially their turkey legs. If you ever get a chance to try them, do exactly what the restaurant says - pull up and eat!

Courtesy of Pull up n eat

Courtesy of pull up n eat
Courtesy of Pull up n eat



Have you ever tasted food so good that you felt guilty afterward? Like, the food was so delicious that you knew it couldn’t be right? That is Barbecue HUB, which has been making waves in Central Texas.

Antonio Clemons has been grilling for his family and friends for a few years now, and pairs these succulent meats with his wife’s sides. They had an actual grand opening as well, and on the first day open they sold to over 100 people and sold out in less than 3 hours.

Everything that Mr. Clemons makes is fresh each day, and the leftovers are given to the less fortunate. I personally haven’t had a chance to try the food just yet, but it comes highly recommended by everyone I know. Word on the street is if you haven’t had the bacon-wrapped chicken wings, you haven’t had good food yet!

Courtesy of Antonio Clemons



Courtesy of Antonio Clemons

Who do you recommend for great barbecue in Central Texas? What's a place you love that you think maybe not a lot of people know about, but should? Let us know!

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