If you're making your way down your Christmas list and need to find a nice gift for the Donald Trump fan in your family, well...I recommend the President's official merch site.

However, if you want to get weird with it, here are five pieces of Trump memorabilia that are completely ridiculous and available on Amazon.

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Someone had a huge warehouse full of leftover Troll dolls and needed to find a creative way to move 'em. Personally, I like this one. It's absolutely ridiculous in all the best ways, from the POTUS' crazy to hair to Kim's little peace sign fingers.

The back of the box is a real treat, too.

Design Master Associates Inc., Amazon
Design Master Associates Inc., Amazon

Make a splash at your next pool party (by which I mean starts some arguments with your visiting-from-out-of-town relatives) with the Donald Trump Pool float. Or just wear it as a belt. That'd be hilarious.

Washington will always be remembered for his wooden teeth. Lincoln's beard will always be iconic. And Trump's hair will forever be the stuff of legends. These socks were inevitable.

It's like JENGA, only way more likely to cause arguments.

Eating hair? What is this, a a Japanese horror movie? But hey, it's made from "organic" sugar so it's got that going for it. Besides, a collector's never going to eat it. They're going to keep it on a shelf with the troll dolls.

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